Debra Endean

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin

"Brittany is bright, collaborative and a quick learner. In her role writing corporate grants in support of programs providing both health and social services, she did an excellent job of assessing opportunities, deftly gathering the necessary data, and crafting compelling requests. She worked collaboratively with operational leaders to ensure accuracy and alignment, and worked independently to develop successful proposals. Brittany conducts herself in a professional yet friendly way, and demonstrated a knack for establishing productive working relationships with her colleagues. I enjoyed our time working together, and am confident that her skills and abilities will continue to bring her success."

Karin Sabey

Vice President of Operations at Rocky Mountain CARES

"I was fortunate to work with Brittany in her development role. I was always impressed with her technical capabilities, her customer service skills and her work ethic. I loved that I never had to remind her about a deadline, and she was quick to respond to my request for data or edits. I especially appreciated that she had a solid work plan in place for her grant writing process and she gave me adequate notice when she needed things from me. Her work was never anything less than high quality and I would recommend her in this capacity."

James Hamilton

Consultant at McDonald Schaefer, LLC

"Brittany is a highly skilled grant writer. What sets Brittany apart is her ability to bring unique insights into the regional and national foundation and corporate grant landscape to the grants development process. She is able to produce results beyond a winning grant proposal, including increasing organizational ownership of fundraising needs beyond the development department, a clearer articulation of the organization's impact in the community, and a revitalized focus on a clear set of priorities that are aligned with the interests of funders."

Kristen (Brophy) Grimes, MAOM, MCHES®

Director, Prevention Services at AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin

"Brittany is a fantastic partner and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done."

Michael Burmesch

Graphic Communications Manager at AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin

"I enjoyed working alongside Brittany at ARCW. She stepped into her role of grant writer with motivation, dedication and an interest to innovate in her position. When we worked on projects together she was articulative and able to go the extra mile to make sure all the details were accounted for, which in turn made my job a lot easier and enjoyable. Brittany’s friendly attitude and professionalism would be welcomed on any team."

Kristin (Wollenberg) Jenders

Career Pathways Manager at Higher Expectations

"Brittany is a motivated, enthusiastic and thorough fund development professional. She is consistent, timely and organized. Her passion for service and her career is palpable. She would be an asset to any fundraising or public affairs team."

Rafael Garcia

Community First Real Estate Developer

"Brittany's excellent attention to detail helped ensure lengthy applications for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) were correctly completed and submitted on time. She is a natural leader and is comfortable taking on new challenges as she demonstrated when conceptualizing and managing Community First's inaugural fundraising event, Burgers and Birdhouses. She worked directly with the board as well to ensure things went off without a hitch. The board was so impressed with everything Brittany did. I hope to be able to work with someone of her caliber again in the near future!"