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I'm Brittany.

I believe there is a grant out there for every non-profit, of every size, mission, and budget.

For nearly a decade, I have helped local and international organizations meet their fundraising goals through competitive grants, thorough reports, and careful stewardship of donors and community partners.

Let me do the same for yours.


Stay tuned for more examples of what "writing for good" can look like in 2019!

"In her role writing corporate grants in support of programs providing both health and social services, she did an excellent job of assessing opportunities, deftly gathering the necessary data, and crafting compelling requests."

"I especially appreciated that she had a solid work plan in place for her grant writing process and she gave me adequate notice when she needed things from me. Her work was never anything less than high quality and I would recommend her in this capacity."

"What sets Brittany apart is her ability to bring unique insights into the regional and national foundation and corporate grant landscape to the grants development process."

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